I remember my first time in a pathology lab. We were just getting familiarized with a new way of staining neuropathological samples for examining atrophies. But unlike all the other neuroscience students, I was more interested in the cerebellum than the hippocampus, it was stained in my favorite color, pink. Right then and there I […]

Did you just promise to start exercising and stop smoking in 2014. As much as I like to encourage you to do so those promises are devious. Why?  Because they are a part of a lifestyle you’ve built around you. If you stop smoking, you’ll have to make a resolution to stop drinking because that’s […]

As a college student in cognitive neuroscience, I often encountered the science of cognitive development and thus the inevitable clichés such as the “Mozart effect” on babies. Independently of what one thinks of the scientific validity of the phenomena, the Mozart Effect is still an interesting phenomena both from a neurocognitive and cultural point of […]

Since today is the celebration called Seventh Evening of The Seventh Moon, or more known as Chinese Valentine I thought I’d step away from science and step in to the world of romance. Love is often portrayed simplistically.  So I’m here to shed light to the whole spectrum of a different kind of love story. Enjoy.  When […]

A while ago, I started to contemplate my own scientific writing and stumbled upon a 10-year-old dilemma. What to say? Subject or Participant. I have been schooled both in psychiatry, molecular biology, epidemiology and neuroscience.  And I have been criticized for using both of these terms.  Finally, the Tweet junkie that I am, I asked my fellow […]

There is a great dissonance between research and reality and it is getting wider by the minute. Don’t get me wrong, there are forces that are trying to counteract the effects but the causes of the dissonance remain.  Before I design any study, I have a picture in my head of a doctor and a patient, often an elderly […]

That moment you view your data and it’s good When you do the first analyses and they make no sense what so ever When you realize that nobody has observed what you have When you write your introduction and you realize…..nobody to reference When you get p = 0.051, reject or accept hypothesis….. When your co-authors are […]

Between 1957 and 1975 The United States and the Former Soviet Union engaged in a progressive and aggressive competition we now call the “space race” in which they strived to be the first; in space, orbiting the earth, and ultimately on the moon.  As we know the United States lost many battles such as the […]

Last year I wrote 10 reasons why I wanted to go to TEDMED, and 10 things I accomplished while there. This year I would like to give you 10 reasons to attend TEDMED. 1) The main prize, the talks Even though you browse pictures of beautiful beaches and clips of amazing opera pieces; you still go out and experience them […]