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Why I’ll never run a marathon

For me I have a long and personal relationship with running. During dark periods of my life running has suffered, it has been a friend I have neglected, but like a good friend it has always found its way back in to my life and made me better, happier and helped me battle dark roads […]

Remove the word “feel” and see how you feel about it

One of the greatest fallacies in any argument is using the word “feel”.  Let’s say you’re having a bad day. Saying “I feel sad” is perfectly reasonable.  Let’s say someone is ruining your day by their behavior. Saying “I feel that you’re ignoring me” is actually a pretty flawed way of staring that debate. Feelings […]

My brain is Twitter not Facebook. Part 2.

I left Facebook three years ago and I wrote about why I left Facebook. So here is a recap of what happened afterwards and why I am going back this year.  The (+) of leaving  My brain was much more open to new impression. Nobody asked me to check Facebook when they had something to announce, […]

A letter to my single childless friends

When I became pregnant with my first child, I was told quite a lot by other moms, and my maternity books, that my social life would change. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, I thought. And one of the aspects everyone told me would change the most is how often I see […]

Glas half empty, glas half full and why I dropped out of theoretical philosophy and psychodynamics.

I started off in college taking theoretical philosophy and psychology. My mind had always been drawn to the subjects and I quickly realized that I loved it, however, I also realized that maybe, just maybe the way my mind was designed (or molded) differently and that I have a hard time discussing something without relaying of […]

Don’t go to college……

Don’t go to college to become something Go to become someone, to come closer to who you want to be, your skills, not a title   Don’t go to college to learn something Go to college to understand something, and to dig deeper in to what you think you understand   Don’t go to college […]

Tears on a bus stop, ADHD and things I wish I had said back then.

I don’t want to write this. I don’t like being personal, particularly when the subject matter touches me so deeply, but I feel that it’s time, and I hope that the message reaches the right person. So, let us go back to 2007. I am sitting on the bus stop after my first shift at […]

10 new years resolutions you should make to your body

Did you just promise to start exercising and stop smoking in 2014. As much as I like to encourage you to do so those promises are devious. Why?  Because they are a part of a lifestyle you’ve built around you. If you stop smoking, you’ll have to make a resolution to stop drinking because that’s […]

10 honest love songs

Since today is the celebration called Seventh Evening of The Seventh Moon, or more known as Chinese Valentine I thought I’d step away from science and step in to the world of romance. Love is often portrayed simplistically.  So I’m here to shed light to the whole spectrum of a different kind of love story. Enjoy.  When […]

The survival of the fittest

There is a great dissonance between research and reality and it is getting wider by the minute. Don’t get me wrong, there are forces that are trying to counteract the effects but the causes of the dissonance remain.  Before I design any study, I have a picture in my head of a doctor and a patient, often an elderly […]