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It was like a scene from Interstellar

So as I previously wrote about leaving Facebook, and returning to it. There is one aspect I forgot to mention.  If you have no other means of communication, i.e. if 90% of your network consists of distant acquaintances you’ve come to care for, but for some reason not enough to find the address and phone number to […]

Glas half empty, glas half full and why I dropped out of theoretical philosophy and psychodynamics.

I started off in college taking theoretical philosophy and psychology. My mind had always been drawn to the subjects and I quickly realized that I loved it, however, I also realized that maybe, just maybe the way my mind was designed (or molded) differently and that I have a hard time discussing something without relaying of […]

Mozart for babies and video games for teens?

As a college student in cognitive neuroscience, I often encountered the science of cognitive development and thus the inevitable clichés such as the “Mozart effect” on babies. Independently of what one thinks of the scientific validity of the phenomena, the Mozart Effect is still an interesting phenomena both from a neurocognitive and cultural point of […]

Team Subject or Team Participant? #subjectvsparticipant

A while ago, I started to contemplate my own scientific writing and stumbled upon a 10-year-old dilemma. What to say? Subject or Participant. I have been schooled both in psychiatry, molecular biology, epidemiology and neuroscience.  And I have been criticized for using both of these terms.  Finally, the Tweet junkie that I am, I asked my fellow […]

My brain is Twitter, not Facebook

This is far from science, but a bit in to behavioural science. So here we go. Last night I came to thinking. I am working on three projects, one that will be quite large and change my life, one that is quite large and hopefully change the face of science. Both are pending on publication […]

Today is the past tomorrow

Your life is like a story. It has a beginning and an end, and in between are choices. Brought up by a conversation on facebook a friend (Acke) of a friend(Tuss) pointed out something thoughtworthy. As we spoke of wanting to be 18 again (many high school graduations reminding us of our youth) he said that it […]

Biased Cosmopolitan Woman

Are you biased in you research? Of course you are, as long as you are human you are biased. However, some of the colouration of opinion can be more harmful than others. For example; I would never in my life do research on the effects of fashion magazines on anything. Why? I think they are […]

Future Unemployed Researchers, class of 2009

Dear class of 2009…… Soon we end our journey as students, some of you already have a future employment waiting after graduation (congratulations I know you will do amazing things you lucky ducks). Some of you (us) have no Idea what will happen next. No matter if you are a student studying Modern Art or […]

Ethics at its best!

So, the first and most important rule of conducting any scientific study containing human animals is the informed and voluntary consent, and the permission to abort one’s participation at any given time in the process of the study (unless it is an anonymous questionnaire). What many market-researchers do not seem to grasp is that the […]

Did you find my consciousness yet? I left it right here!

The Certesian doctor is not the only one to separate body and mind in his everyday thinking. Ever since, let’s say Gorg and Morg the cave couple started to carve themselves as ghosts leaving their own body at sleep has man found it easy to separate what we think and feel, from who we are. […]