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It was like a scene from Interstellar

So as I previously wrote about leaving Facebook, and returning to it. There is one aspect I forgot to mention.  If you have no other means of communication, i.e. if 90% of your network consists of distant acquaintances you’ve come to care for, but for some reason not enough to find the address and phone number to […]

Glas half empty, glas half full and why I dropped out of theoretical philosophy and psychodynamics.

I started off in college taking theoretical philosophy and psychology. My mind had always been drawn to the subjects and I quickly realized that I loved it, however, I also realized that maybe, just maybe the way my mind was designed (or molded) differently and that I have a hard time discussing something without relaying of […]

Game of Academia (collection)

Game of Academia part 1 – doctoral students

Art and Medicine – The day I found my calling.

I remember my first time in a pathology lab. We were just getting familiarized with a new way of staining neuropathological samples for examining atrophies. But unlike all the other neuroscience students, I was more interested in the cerebellum than the hippocampus, it was stained in my favorite color, pink. Right then and there I […]

Mozart for babies and video games for teens?

As a college student in cognitive neuroscience, I often encountered the science of cognitive development and thus the inevitable clichés such as the “Mozart effect” on babies. Independently of what one thinks of the scientific validity of the phenomena, the Mozart Effect is still an interesting phenomena both from a neurocognitive and cultural point of […]

Team Subject or Team Participant? #subjectvsparticipant

A while ago, I started to contemplate my own scientific writing and stumbled upon a 10-year-old dilemma. What to say? Subject or Participant. I have been schooled both in psychiatry, molecular biology, epidemiology and neuroscience.  And I have been criticized for using both of these terms.  Finally, the Tweet junkie that I am, I asked my fellow […]

The process of writing a scientific paper

That moment you view your data and it’s good When you do the first analyses and they make no sense what so ever When you realize that nobody has observed what you have When you write your introduction and you realize…..nobody to reference When you get p = 0.051, reject or accept hypothesis….. When your co-authors are […]

Why Science needs to learn from Fashion

Recently there has been a sea of blog awards here in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Most of those rewarded blog about lifestyle, and among those lifestyle bloggers there is about a 70% that can be attributed to fashion and beauty and the rest shared between gossip, fitness and humor. Why aren’t […]

Cure for scientific writersblock.

One of the most difficult processes of a scientific career is writing papers. You plan, you execute, you analyze the life out of your data, you spend countless days with your subject, data set, cells, humans, animals, you name it…. But then it comes the time when you have to share your findings and the […]