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The Brain Race

Between 1957 and 1975 The United States and the Former Soviet Union engaged in a progressive and aggressive competition we now call the “space race” in which they strived to be the first; in space, orbiting the earth, and ultimately on the moon.  As we know the United States lost many battles such as the […]

My brain is Twitter, not Facebook

This is far from science, but a bit in to behavioural science. So here we go. Last night I came to thinking. I am working on three projects, one that will be quite large and change my life, one that is quite large and hopefully change the face of science. Both are pending on publication […]

Re(evolution) – from science to scifi

Is there anything keeping us on the top of the chain of species? A lot. As I’ve mentioned before, we are a product of million of years of bullying, being chased in to new environments which we’ve half-adapted to. The movie Planet of the Apes depicts what would happen if our drug tests resulted in […]

Calling Dr Google

It is no wonder that Google has become what it is today, because what took us a week of bickering about and waiting a whole day to go to the library and fact check or call the one friend who reads too much in 1985, takes us five seconds today.   One of Google’s most […]

Overweight or not Overweight, that is the question.

If one types BMI on one of the largest search engines for scientific articles pubmed, there are approx 42367 articles in the subject. Now, the fact that it is so highly used is very astonishing considering its flawed validity. Most scientists are trying to get away from the concept while still, many are stuck on the concept […]

Global Health

As I sat today on a full train heading home in the crowded capital of Sweden, I noticed the wave of coughing among the passengers. It takes only one to infect us all I started thinking and it hit me, it takes only one to take down a  whole population. Medicine and Epidemiology When look […]

Did you find my consciousness yet? I left it right here!

The Certesian doctor is not the only one to separate body and mind in his everyday thinking. Ever since, let’s say Gorg and Morg the cave couple started to carve themselves as ghosts leaving their own body at sleep has man found it easy to separate what we think and feel, from who we are. […]

How long until it is reality

For the good of mankind  As many of my peers, I have fallen for the brilliantly scary game of Resident Evil. Ever since the movies came out, zombies took a step back and the Umbrella Corporation took a step in to the light. They do not just represent a zombie factory, they represent everything that can […]