Why I’ll never run a marathon


For me I have a long and personal relationship with running. During dark periods of my life running has suffered, it has been a friend I have neglected, but like a good friend it has always found its way back in to my life and made me better, happier and helped me battle dark roads ahead and behind me.

I have never kept track of where I’m going, for how long or what time I would be there. It has distorted my perception of distance because I’ve become one with the road.

In 2011 I was given an ipod and a nike shoe gps tracker so that I could monitor my running.

I learned that what I thought was 5k, was in fact 15k. What I thought was 15k was 35k, and so on. And I ran fast, I ran far. But none of that mattered to me. So I placed the ipod and the tracker in a drawer and that is where they have remained.

About 2012 came, and more and more of my friends started entering runs. And it attracted me. Until I realized why I run.

I run away from people. 

I hate crowds.

Running crowds remind me of war and danger, both of which I’ve experienced.

Running with others would not only make me stressed, it beats the purpose of why I run, to be alone.

So I might try it one day, But be damned sure I’ll have zombies in my headphones. 

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