My brain is Twitter not Facebook. Part 2.

I left Facebook three years ago and I wrote about why I left Facebook. So here is a recap of what happened afterwards and why I am going back this year. 

The (+) of leaving 

My brain was much more open to new impression.

Nobody asked me to check Facebook when they had something to announce, they told me things face to face.

The joy of surprising people with good news in person (the reaction to showing up very very pregnant at an event with friends who haven’t seen you in a few months is priceless, and beats any like on a social media page).

The joy of being surprised by good news in person.

My social network expanded when I changed from Facebook to Twitter, G+ and other social sites. I’ve met some amazing new friends on, that have led me to new opportunities and collaborations that were beyond my wildest dreams.

My way of expressing myself changed (more professional, more personal on a deeper level).

My interests in other scientific fields widened and in to fields that I previously had shunned, like politics.

My self-esteem rose.

My blogs got more attention from me.

I started sci phi lab and spent more time on youtube.

My friends (close friends and those I had frequent contact with) started calling me more, and coming over more often!

The (- ) of leaving

No happy birthday wishes (actually even some of my closest friends forgot my 30th birthday).

No baby pictures and wedding announcements. (I actually loved seeing friends and acquaintances share the happy moments of their lives).

Forgotten when it comes to event invitations (a lot of missed after works and parties).

And now with a pending unemployment in my plan to leave academia after graduation, I realized that I will be missing a large opportunity to reach out to those not on other perhaps less explored social media outlets. So I decided to reopen my account and change things up a bit by making everything I do public, using it as an extension to linked in and twitter. I’m a social person, I should utilize all the social tools available, in the right way this time.

Here is to a more social 2015, and hopefully one with a bundle of even more friends by the end of it.

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