Art and Medicine – The day I found my calling.

I remember my first time in a pathology lab. We were just getting familiarized with a new way of staining neuropathological samples for examining atrophies.

But unlike all the other neuroscience students, I was more interested in the cerebellum than the hippocampus, it was stained in my favorite color, pink.

Right then and there I fell in love with neuropathology. And the lab senior saw my enthusiasm, he let me in on a little secret, I was not the first one to linger on by the microscope for pure fun. In fact, many pathologists and biomedical students engage in a thing called BIOART

I’ve been painting since I could hold on to a crayon, and countless exhibitions and an apartment full of paintings will witness of my first of two great passions, art.

And the second one? It became medicine.

And the more I dig, the more I realize the two have more in common than I had previously ever imagined.

The body, and all of its tissue are the essential themes of many great painters. It’s the first thing we are taught to paint in preschool, ourselves.

I bet, if you think back, you have at some point been asked by a preschool teacher or just spontaneously, as a kid, traced your own hand on a piece of paper. 

Any of the images found in the anatomy book Gray’s Anatomy can serve as a wonderful work of art.

So here are some images from my humble cave, constantly reminding me of my two great loves.




And of course I hope to inspire the next generation with the same fascination of the wonder that is medical imagery



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