10 new years resolutions you should make to your body

Did you just promise to start exercising and stop smoking in 2014. As much as I like to encourage you to do so those promises are devious. Why?  Because they are a part of a lifestyle you’ve built around you. If you stop smoking, you’ll have to make a resolution to stop drinking because that’s when you’re in the mood for that 2 am puff, which means you have to see your pub loving chimney smoking friends a lot less, and you like your gym hating beer loving bunch. So I want you to think  further, and make resolutions to your health and body that are sustainable. Here are a few to get you going for a hopefully great 2014, at least for your health.

1. Walk 10.000 steps a day.

Saying you’re going to exercise is good, but very few people actually manage to get to the gym. And if you’ve never exercised before or can’t afford a gym card, starting out at a gym may not be your cup of tea. So start of with something you can keep up with. Getting a pedometer, may it be an actual or an app, can help you remodel your thinking. Taking a longer walk from work, or just circling your neighborhood to reach that magic 10.000 steps might help you in the step towards a healthier lifestyle. Who knows, before you know it you might be running 10 kilometers!

2. Say “Yes” on Facebook

How many Facebook events have you said yes to recently? That aren’t birthday party invitations from your near and dear? The average person has 130 friends on facebook. And those 130 individuals have friends, and friends of friends can be a valuable way to expand your network. You may befriend people you never would have imagined having anything in common with, or experience a hobby you have been curious about for years, because that list of friends not only contains people, it contains knowledge! A musician, a scientist, a bartender etc. An expanding scenery can be an expanding mind as new experiences literally boost the brain!

3. Drink more water

It may seem extremely silly to make this a resolution, but water is the essence of life and in my experience many of us forget to hydrate. Just increasing your water intake, can make you lose weight, gain greater skin and improve your mood! Put some cucumber in it, to make it feel more refreshing!



 4. Have more sex

Yes, sex is good for you, on your own or with someone (if you’re safe and not addicted to it). It boosts your self-image, mood, your immune system and if you’re in a relationship it can open up new forms of communication.




5. Check your vitamins

You may not be getting all your vitamins, particularly if you live far north or sound of the hemisphere. There are a lot of vitamins that can’t be supplemented properly, like E vitamin which exists in 8 forms and has yet to be balanced in supplements. Eat them instead! But there are those that can, such as D and B. A deficiency in those can create symptoms close in resemblance to depression and dementia. Make sure you take some extra, just in case! Make sure they are tested, and the company selling them discloses external testing of content.


6. Use dental floss every day



Because healthy gums are a good investment in life.




7. Join a choir

Singing has been shown to be an effective way to release stress and is a natural mood lifter.





8. Drink high quality alcohol

If you’re going to treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage, be picky. Drink a good red wine rather than a cheap cider, drink a high quality beer rather than a sugary alcoholic soda and rather go for a proper cocktail like a martini than for example red bull and vodka type of drinks.




9. Take more high quality selfies

When ever you feel unmotivated to take care of yourself and your body. Make sure to have a picture in which you feel and look good, to remind you who you’re fighting for. It may sound extremely corny, but add an inspirational quote next to it, so on those days that both your hair and the world seem like they are against you, it will remind you who you’re fighting for.



10. Find out why you’re sleeping so poorly

Sleep deprivation is a dangerous foe, and an astounding number of people are suffering from some form of dyssomnia. Sleep is important for more reasons than I can count. Making an effort to sleep better is the key to a happy body. Here are some tips how to investigate your sleep environment and to improve your sleep.


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