10 honest love songs

Since today is the celebration called Seventh Evening of The Seventh Moon, or more known as Chinese Valentine I thought I’d step away from science and step in to the world of romance.

Love is often portrayed simplistically. 

So I’m here to shed light to the whole spectrum of a different kind of love story. Enjoy. 

When you’re dating a “shouter”. Someone so frustrated, they exhibit PMS symptoms most of the month.

And what about all those out there dating an emotional sadist? Here is a song for you.

All those times you’ve fallen in love with a drug dealer?

Or your hair dresser?

Or all those times you’ve just wanted to end an argument late at night and go to sleep. 

Or if you hate going on a diet, or you hate going out with girls who are!

Or just being the outsider of a dysfunctional relationship 

Or when you just love your hat…..more than you love your girl 

If you don’t survive the zombie apocalypse 

And finally being in love with two people at once







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