10 reasons why you should attend TEDMED 2013

Last year I wrote 10 reasons why I wanted to go to TEDMED, and 10 things I accomplished while there. This year I would like to give you 10 reasons to attend TEDMED.

1) The main prize, the talks

Even though you browse pictures of beautiful beaches and clips of amazing opera pieces; you still go out and experience them in person because once you are there you can feel the energy of the places and faces. The buzz flying off the stage and the spark that arises from being there, in person. Being a tangible part of the experience. Sure, some things are best experienced in the comfort of your home, and TEDMED can be one of those things. But given the opportunity, you will want to experience the vibe, at least once in your life. The Roskilde of science and medicine! 

2) The people

You will rarely have the opportunity to meet so many diverse people who share the same passion as you. Standing in a line for coffee with a yoga instructor, a world-famous microbiologist, a CEO for a major corporation and a clown may sound like the beginning of a joke, but at TEDMED that is an everyday event. And though it may not be a joke, you’re bound to have a few laughs and enjoy every minute of the most diverse event of the year! 

3) The knowledge

On no place is there so much knowledge crammed on to one spot. Knowledge that is compressed and refined so that anyone, from the nobel prize winner in its field to a newly graduated highschool student will equally enjoy and appreciate it on and off stage.

4) The city

If you’ve never been to Washington, there is no better time to go than during the cherry blossom season in April when the city is at its prime. And TEDMED offers loads of activities that lets you explore this beautiful capital. 

5) The network

Companies, researchers, academic institutions from all areas of medicine are invited and exciting projects are presented. Projects that might need you, or ideas that you might get inspired by. 

6) The inspiration

No matter what field of work you are in, TEDMED is bound to provide you with inspiration that will make you a better professional by widening your horizons of what goals are possible to reach. 

7) The food

This may seem like a trivial fact but the food is amazing! Three days of the best snacks and meals you will experience in the most lavish venues you can imagine. 


8) Laughter and Tears, Hope and Fears 

TEDMED blends laughs with tears. The seriousness of health inequities and problems ahead  with mind-blowing solutions and playfulness. The three days are an emotional roller coaster, without a single moment of dullness in sight. 

9) The Great Challenges

The TEDMED great challenges  program is a creative way that activate its delegates to react and act for a better future. The challenges are an important part of the program and the discussions continue throughout the year. If you find a topic you are passionate about, TEDMED will, in other words, last for an entire year in which you will tackle problems and solutions with peers just as passionate as you are.

10) Speaker variety and broad topics

Instead of hearing the entire co-author list of a single medical article speak for three days about the same topic, you will hear the voice of medicine and medical research through e.g. an opera singer, a surfer, a young scientist, a technological mastermind and many more. 


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