Let your microbiology coach you to success

At TEDMED 2012, ALBERT-LÁSZLÓ BARABÁSI compared the networking of proteins to the social networking of humans. I could almost picture my cells sitting on their Facebook accounts talking to each other, pressing Like whenever a CD8+ cell destroyed an antigen, sharing viral videos of funny things that were going on in my body.  I imagined that my neurons used Twitter, because it could  reach much more than just the locals, and that my central nervous system was the fastest internet on the planet.

Now today, I got reminded of this thoughts when a friend shouted that he was excited to go to work and create something great every day. In short, that reminded me of a stem cell.

My friend is a stem cell. Adaptable, useful and sometimes controversial in religious settings.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised; We should all take note of our microbiology, and use cells as role models. We should be more like our cells in our everyday lives.

Unhappy at work? Not getting things done? Perhaps unmotivated and/or bullied?

Do like the T-Cytotoxic cell and equip yourself with a good team.

Get a hold of a B-Cell. Someone who will help you locate a problem (bacteria) and a T-Helper cell that will help you in your quest for the ultimate goal; to crush the problem. Don’t dismiss help and act as a team, but be strong in your role. Become ruthless!

Or if you feel like you have a lot of wisdom and energy, give some support to friends and family; be an astrocyte! Repair marriages, friendships, help strangers. Be a resource to others.

Feel vulnerable? Act like a Ameloblasts and form a hard shell like your teeth! Slowly and with precision make a wall that will crush any obstacle that may come in your way.

There are hundreds of cell-types we can learn from.

Your cells have done their job for thousands of years, keeping millions of species alive, perhaps they can teach us how to live a little as well. 


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