10 reasons I went to TEDMED, and 10 things I accomplished.

A week ago I wrote why I chose  to apply for TEDMED2012. And what I was hoping to achieve with my attendance. Well, here is a short update.

1) Develop bravery

I overcame many fears, two of the most important ones were airplanes and dogs. I’ve fallen in love with aviation, despite the awful turbulence I actually enjoyed my flight, thanks to the lovely staff of British airways. Another fear I have, for those who know me is quite big, is dogs. I would rather take another street than pass a dog. Not anymore. Rick Yount does an amazing thing together with Mars incorporated. He helps train dogs to aid PTSD veterans. These dogs are the most calming, oxytocin inducing and amazing creatures I’ve ever met! If he made me hug, pet and play with a dog, just imagine how many lives can be enriched through these specially trained dogs! I’m so getting one, and letting Rick train him!

2) Develop my lifelong love story with science

I got to witness amazing lectures and meet clinicians and scientists who awoke my love for what I do. There was so much creativity there that my batteries are charged for several years! Such as Shamsad Haroon, an amazingly inspiring woman! A sponsor and a pioneer. 

3) Develop my sense of direction (I am the worse at maps)

I found my way around, and fell in love with Washington DC. It’s definitely a place I want to visit more, and perhaps, inhabit. It is a larger version of Stockholm, and I love Stockholm.

4) Develop a network of good friends

I’ve met so many inspiring people over the course of 4 days. Friends I hope to keep for many years, we were told that the TEDMED trolley was a magical place. And it was a place for new meetings, laughs and a chance to see Washington in the best way. And kudos for the organization. It was great never having to think about transport!

5) Develop new ways of thinking about my role in medicine and science

It was the theme, and boy did it work. I will post more about what collaboration and idea was born at TEDMED. Here is a snapshot of the kind of thought-provoking buffet thrown at us. EO Wilson was also a huge inspiration and gave an amazing speech on being a young scientist, wisdom and lessons learned, shared and inspired. Keep an eye out for it! 

6) Develop resources to nourish my creativity

The entire conference was an entire energy bar nourishing my creative metabolism

7) Develop a network of 999 soul mates

Not 999 perhaps, but at least I got a twitter full of new amazing friends I hope to keep in touch with for years to come such as Wen, Ivor and Pierre. Two amazing women and one man who I got to know through Twitter. They are an example of ambitious MD’s and Pierre is a public health professor, they care beyond the sleeves of their white coat and dare to think outside the box and who knows, we just might surprise you with a TEDMED public health edition. I am happy to have met these ambitious and amazing tweeps as well as Michael (not in picture) who is working with alternative medicine and acupuncture. He has his foot in two worlds, one in the holistic and one in the clinical and his perspective is inspiring. This is what TEDMED does best, finds inspiring people. People who’s conversations you’ll leave, a bit more confused and  a lot more educated. And these are just a small fraction of all of the inspiring people I’ve met. 

8) Develop a memory for life

From dancing in a fancy ball gown in the Natural History Museum, to being greeted like a queen at the Congress Library in my Yoga outfit and spilling coffee on a robot, life long memories are not something TEDMED is short of.

9) Develop my future

Now that remains to be determined, the future is the past tomorrow, but I’ve met enough of inspiring people to believe it is going to be a bright one.

10) Develop a smile in 999 delegates

It’s not my place to evaluate that. Any delegates who smiled due to me? What I know for sure, is that they made me smile!

Thanks once again to GE for sponsoring my ticket! You have made a huge difference, I hope you have gotten a sense of that! 


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