IP adress = The New Chromosomes and DNA

I have asked myself why the urges and the needs to be online are so high in my generation. It is not an escape from ordinary life. It is not an alter ego we’re living in. We are the first online generation to use our actual names in social media. When I started out being a community member in social media communities as a teen everybody had a nickname “hardcoreboy82” and “butterfly666”, but the days of distorting your picture and having an alias are over. So why are we so active in our “life extensions”.

Then I came to think of a theory (let’s call it a hypothesis when I figure out how to test it).

In evolutionary biology one of the strongest mechanisms we have is reproduction. We want to optimise the spread of our particular genetic composition as widely as we can, and make sure it reaches as far as it can to be immortalized through our offspring. It is why the hypothesis of “the last released” egg exists (most species tend to release egg when they are killed or die in saving their offspring).

In our extended world – the internet; this need might transcend to spreading your name, your site, your persona to as many consciousness’s as possible. Because if you’ve got enough subscribers a) you have “impregnated” enough consciousness’s to have an evolutionary survival success on the internet and b) you have gained higher social status, c) you might actually have higher probability of getting IRL reproduction rate increasion due to meeting more people from a broader geographical area

We always strive as species (theoretically) to have a balanced community and to climb the ladder upwards. The internet is just another source and another realm where our evolutionary games are played out.

It’s just a thought. But stay active online, just in case!




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