Re(evolution) – from science to scifi

Is there anything keeping us on the top of the chain of species?

A lot. As I’ve mentioned before, we are a product of million of years of bullying, being chased in to new environments which we’ve half-adapted to.

The movie Planet of the Apes depicts what would happen if our drug tests resulted in primates and gorillas getting the same type of cognitive performance as we.

In fact, this is not science fiction. Chimps are already much more advanced than we are at certain cognitive domains.

To what extent they understand the meaning of numbers is disputed but the fact remains, he remembers something, and he remembers it faster than the above average human.

So can he use it to take over the earth?

Probably not, unless we do invent a drug to profiliate neocortextual growth in primates and development of other more advanced cognitive domains. And even if they did, the first sign of higher intelligence would lead to a cruel incarcerated, deadly faith. Why do you think the kids at Roswell high were afraid of getting caught?

The fact is. The primates have already “lost” the battle by becoming more adapted to one environment, than us. In each slot in time there is a window of opportunity for species to become dominant when a new one thrives and separates from the tree of life.

For a long time, we thought we had overthrown the Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. But it turned out that we just made sure to breed them out. They are a part of us, within our genes (or so is suggested). So unless we suddenly start picking up chimps and gorillas at bars, we’ll be fine.

We have developed the most advanced skill of any species, the ability to speak, the ability to plan through language, the ability to lie. Perhaps not being alone in these traits but being at the seemingly front line of them.

So, to get overthrown by another species we would have to;

1) give them the ability to speak, which we are trying

2) finding out what kind of consciousness we carry and replicate it, mass manufacture its component and supplement other species. 

So, the fact that we’d be steering the wheels of evolution against our selves is pretty unlikely. In fact, we probably should stop seeing ourselves as the top of the line, because we are but a dot in the ecosystem, which undoubtedly can will and would be better off without us. Our dominance will not last forever, such is the course of evolution, but one thing is for sure. We won’t be in charge, and we will never see it coming. So be ware if an advanced species is buying you drinks at the bar, they might have a dangerous agenda 🙂


If anything, we should fear computers taking over,

Or, an Alien invasion



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  2. I didn’t know that.

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