Strange Relationship…..

I have tried to figure out what three things represent the life of a PhD student the best. I came up with 1) a song, 2) a painting and 3) the most commonly used object.

1) The song

You have a strange relationship with your job. You can’t get enough of it, you LOVE it, yet you realise that you are embarking in to an abusive relationship full of rejections, stress and sleeplessness. You ask yourself if it’s worth it, knowing that you’ll answer yes every time.

2) The picture

Any Picasso painting will do. The same way you view your data you see a Picasso. It seems simple, you don’t always get it, you don’t always like it, sometimes you even think “a child can do this” yet it awakes something inside you, that you didn’t know existed. In all its simplicity, it’s complicated, and it becomes beautiful



3)  The object

Coffee cups! Plastic, glass, ceramic, you name it, a PhD student has held it, despite the ulcer, it’s a steady companion.


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