Today is the past tomorrow

Your life

is like a story. It has a beginning and an end, and in between are choices.
Brought up by a conversation on facebook a friend (Acke) of a friend(Tuss) pointed out
something thoughtworthy. As we spoke of wanting to be 18 again (many high
school graduations reminding us of our youth) he said that it would be
horrible, and living over again wouldn’t be a guarantee for something else, or

The universe, our consciousness and all in between is, according to me, not linear
(see reference).

We have little grasp of them as concepts let alone as science.
Is it deterministic, quantum, everything in between or neither?

If we assume that determinism rules the universe, to the point of the very energy
firing away turning in to neurotransmitters that form our very thoughts, then
we are predisposed to make certain choices. An action creating a reaction from the big bang to

If not,
perhaps there is no such thing as choice. Perhaps, for every choice we make we
make another, and a dimension is created. Perhaps, at this very moment, another
me has chosen not to blog.

This is of course an extreme oversimplification. So please Dr Sheldon Cooper don’t explode
(and of course I can imagine his response ”explode?! That’s preposterous,
humans can’t self-combust, it’s scientifically impossible”).

As portrayed in the movie  Mr Nobody. Every choice
creates a world where the other alternatives are taken.


Let’s do a thought experiment. Write down 10 big choices you’ve made in your life. If you
haven’t got that many, write the ones that you have.


When I was
16 I got in to a performance arts high school and a natural science high school.
I chose the performance art.

If I had
chosen the natural science high school, I would have most likely ended studying
medicine and become a doctor.

(i’m a bad example since despite my choice I became a neurobiologist)

Now a bit more complicated:

If I had
not decided to study medicine perhaps I would have decided not to study at all
and worked abroad as a bartender.

Try yourself
with the simple version and see who you end up being! 

The most complicated part is when we might realise that choices in one dimension might be
the same as the choices in another, so that by taking different paths.

There is a thought, that light travels in a certain speed, and if you sat at a certain
distance from the planet, you would be watching light from 50 years ago. The
things you watch would have happened 50 years ago, but would be the present for

You might very well be a neuron, reflecting the past. So when it comes to choosing in
life. Just choose, physics will do the rest. There is no such thing as wrong
choices. Enjoy the conscousness you have.


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