Operation Pavlov’s Crows Part 2 of 5

So as I have written previously I hypothesized that the crows in my area (or the entire area of Stockholm) had formed a strategy for getting food around the train stations (our commute trains).

NOTE: Nothing to do with behaviorism! Only a fun title to connect to bells. If it were behaviorism, other birds would make the connection as well!! There are plenty of seagulls and pigeons who do NOT do this!

Since then there have been many constructions in at my station so they have temporarily moved, but they are back! And I have since observed this behaviour in every station I have visited.

There are however modifications in my observations.

HYPOTHESIS 2: The same as 1 but with the correction; they come to the station when the bell rings for the train to LEAVE as well as to COME. Hypothesis are there to be proved or disproved. Help me gather material! INSTRUCTIONS.

I have tried to capture them on video but haven’t had the time, and they can sense my observation and with obvious survival instinct leave. They sense my eyes on them. I need to learn to be more discreet.

However. I managed to pick up my phone and capture a crow capturing the cover of a donut, picking the rests out. He came to the platform after the train left. He then proceeded to take the paper and fly up to the roof where he placed it. After the bell rang again for another train to come/leave he went to its platform.



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