Are we the new evil?

Are we inherently evil? This has been the theme of the year. Remember 1990’s, or the early 2000’s? The movie has the ancient theme of good and evil. And evil was often represented as vampires, demons, warlords and aliens.

Like in the instance of ALIEN movies. Aliens are evil parasite that come to earth only to; destroy, humiliate and reproduce with us and steal our resources of course. They don’t have feelings and they don’t ever want us well. Like these;

The same goes for all other poor misplaced creatures. The thin line between the good and the bad was never clearer.

But somewhere along the line internet boomed, not only internet but a variety of hobby psychologist who started asking; what is good and what is evil. Does a line even exist? Ordinarily this discussion would have stayed at a smoky café filled with first year philosophy students but somehow it has made it to blockbusters. We realize, it seems, with images of refugee camps all over the world. Stories of raped women, orphaned children who later become child war soldiers and the constant reminder that our government never listens to us, of the greatest evil of all, the one that is within ourselves.

As in AVATAR, where we let our greed for money destroy a peaceful society, far more spiritually advanced than us. And in the case of District 9 we do all in our power, not to help the stranded aliens but to steal their war technology. And they are smart enough not to let us have it, since we would probably annihilate our species. Even the poor Transformers can’t really get their point through, and as one scene so politely points out, the only reason they’re not blown to pieces is because they’ve offered the military an advance in weapon technology.

Not even zombies are scary creatures sent by the devil to eat our flesh and drink our blood. We feel sorry for the Zombies because they are a creation of a large international corporation who was mad enough to release a virus. Years of manipulating the nature’s way gave a nasty result. No demons, no evil, just human stupidity. The same goes for vampires. They can’t even date because they’re prosecuted by prejudice and hate, even when they’re vegetarians.

So, when the bad guy is us. How do we go on from that. We leave the theatre more afraid of each other than of anything else. Let’s hope for a better world because I don’t want my children to fear their own reflection, instead of having a lack of one.


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