Monthly Archives: February 2010

10 tips for a dictator.

Dear Dictator (relax it’s charlie chaplin in the picture). So, you have gotten tired of living and ruling a horrible country. You want people to welcome you like they do obama and nelson mandela, not chase you like your pal, you know that guy from the middle east. We’ll here are 10 tips for you […]

The first person cloned

On my TV right now, a moral debate is displayed, about stem cells and the way they are harvested. Despite the fact that only a small part of stem cells are actually used from embryos today and there are more and more findings that stem cells from the iris and the brain are more efficient there is still a […]

Are we the new evil?

Are we inherently evil? This has been the theme of the year. Remember 1990’s, or the early 2000’s? The movie has the ancient theme of good and evil. And evil was often represented as vampires, demons, warlords and aliens. Like in the instance of ALIEN movies. Aliens are evil parasite that come to earth only […]