Darwin vs Dobson on Evolution

Darwin’s theory of evolution has been a great contribution to our society. The theory it self and its scientific validity is not without debate, but by contribution I mean it has become a central focal point where alternative and scientifically aimed explanation for the existence of the genetic variation on our planet is provided. It not only provides a plausible explanation, but a developmental one and in the near future a testable one.

However, I am much more drawn to the “Theory of Evolution” proposed by John Dobson in his book “The moon is new”.  They are not contradictory, just brought up out of different perspectives. It entails that we are a creation of “genetic bullying”. We aren’t the strongest; in fact we have been the weakest. Those less adapted to everything, being pushed out of environment after environment to give room to those more adapted. Bullied in to the shape we are today, molded by our temporary habitats. Also debatable in terms of testability and validity, but a beautiful thought none the less “the survival of the pushovers”. Darwin used his study on flowers, looking at patterns of a small patch. Those who were deepest down did not survive to reproduce (pollinate) while those striving to the top on the cost of their competitors got all the energy and did not parish. What if the weaker flowers just had found another function, or chosen a less threatening environment not to face conflict, with little threat around and so on until they had changed and adapted to all environments and could grow under all circumstances. Not being stronger than anything, but being more adapted to everything. This is what Dobson proposes. For more detailed description, read “The moon is new” by John Dobson (astronomy professor and founder of the sidewalk astronomers)

To illustrate the stages Dobson so beautifully describes. I have done this in the paint program, so it is far from beautiful, but bare with it.

Stage 1, we are driven out of the sea.

Stage 2, we are dived out of the swamps

Stage 3; We are pushed down from the trees by apes and started dating homo habilis (no it’s not a man in a monkeysuit in the tree, I’ m just bad at drawing animals)

Stage 4; We have adapted to all environment (on an acceptable level). Now it’s time to bully back.


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