Monthly Archives: September 2009

Psychiatry tries out for Idol 2009.

  Everyone who has watched Idol knows that there are some individuals who think they are good singers, gods gift to music. They have probably been told by relatives and teachers (who are obviously tone-deaf) that they are great. They have been surrounded by individuals who are worse singers than them and therefore never realized […]

Facebook, addiction and 1989.

In Sweden, a large debate is formed about young girls being addicted to social networking sites such as Science, is placing the term addiction on a social behaviour. The term addiction is used too often in a variety of unsuitable contexts and is loosing its purpose as a medical and psychological concept. Anything used […]

A(H1N1)v, DO and DON’Ts

It has been a while since I have written here. Mainly because there has been so little to write about, until now. The swine-flue or more scientifically called H1N1 is a virus. So why are people afraid of this virus and why is media so interested in it? 1) It contains a genetic composition unseen […]