Beauty, clinical perspective.

Since blogs about beauty and fashion get 100 times more hits, I figured I up my stats by doing a beauty segment.

1) Weight Loss

Your body is made up out of a genetic blueprint, you will never look like a celebrity no matter how hard you diet. Your body acts like an animal. If you have food in the fridge, you will urge to eat. No matter if its cookies or apples.  So rather than to play self-confident and deny yourself fatty snacks, don’t have them around. You are battling against an entire evolution of mankind (if you believe in evolution so to say, if you don’t just trust the fact that your body is biological material that acts this way) If our bodies weren’t this greedy, our species would have died out a long time ago. So; IMGP4077

* Get rid of all the snacks

* Don’t diet, do math instead. An average human depending on gender and activity needs between 1600 and 2500 cal. So, count how many calories you eat, and work them of. Eating 2000 calories and wanting to loose weight, you should run for an hour a day and have your pulse at above 128. What those calories consist of, is up to you, please don’t diet. Just eat sensibly  and if you happen to eat a whole cake, don’t despair, run!!!

* Make sure to change your life, IT IS NOT WHAT YOU EAT that let’s you gain weight but rather if you WORK IT OFF OR NOT.

* And only do so if you feel like you need the change, not for appearance. Just as fast as you tire of a piece of clothing or a haircut will you loose motivation for weight loss if it is in pure purpose for appearance.

* Don’t fall for quick pills, powders or diets, if they truly worked there would be only one wouldn’t it!

* There is no unhealth food, just unhealthy portions.

I myself have lost approx: 45 punds through pure math, no diets.

2) Make up and Hair

* There are no miracle cures for hair. Take the most expensive shampoo you have and the cheapest. Read the ingredients in both, there are only few that differ. If you google those ingredients you will see that they are just texture, smell and colouration, so in other words, don’t waste your money. Your hair is just like your t-shirt, dead material. If your t-shirt is ripped, you don’t rub shampoo on it and hope that it regenerates like shampoo commercials say your hair will, your hair won’t regenerate either.

* Your face consists of cells, cells are regenerated through a complex yet simple process of  cell devision. Your skin, your whole body changes cells in different durations, the kidney you have today is not the same as the one ten years ago. So the only way you can smooth your face is within. No cream on earth will fill your face, there is no instant way to fill wrinkles. The only way is through production of elasticin, which no cream can make sure you produce.

* Eat healthy, loads of fibres and essential fats as well as making sure you dink at least four glasses of water a day and create a preventive measure or go to a surgeon, but don’t waste your money on creams.



* Don’t tan yourself too much, like a friend of mine said once “there is a difference if you have a tomato in the sun or the fridge, the one in the sun rottens and wrinkles faster”. Your skin will feel like your wallet.

* There are no long term studies on botox, but logic says that injecting a nervtoxin in to your skin should lead to troubles, so love your wrinkles, they are beautiful no matter what anyone says, they’re just telling you otherwise to sell you loads of unnecessary items.


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