Biased Cosmopolitan Woman

imgp26831Are you biased in you research? Of course you are, as long as you are human you are biased. However, some of the colouration
of opinion can be more harmful than others.

For example; I would never in my life do research on the effects of fashion magazines on anything. Why? I think they are utterly stupid, uncreative and harmful for self esteem. I think that they are the worst invention since corsets for women, and far more freedom depriving than a corset can ever be. They are sexist towards men and they make women feel inadequate. Enough said about my opinion, what about yours? Of course you feel different. For you, as both man and woman, you might think of them as great fun and a chance to browse for new outfits.

Knowing my greatly negative opinion, I should never in a million years get near a study that has anything to do with fashion magazines and why? Well it is pretty obvious that my involvement would not be scientific at all. I would, consciously and subconsciously look for; subjects, stats, scientists, that can prove me right. I would do all that I can to make sure legislators saw my results and banned these horrible magazines from shops.

Is that sane you say? No, of course not. It would be beyond stupid. Biased opinions are what ruins science. Science is suppose to be objective, or as close to objective as possible and we would think that scientists that knew they had a strong for or against bias would back off from a study. The contrary is seen today, where people who long propagate a cause outside of science choose the scientific arena to sell their thoughts. The even more horrifying fact is that few people react that results come from a person who benefits from them.

I can not tell you how many times I have encountered scientists who have blamed barbie dolls for eating disorders, serious well known scientists in scientific papers. When asking patients in psychiatric wards who suffer from eating disorders, Barbie, is the least likely candidate for eating disorders but rather many other and more complex causal systems like stress and depression and often BDD which is a psychological disease. Males are just as likely and recently more and more diagnosed with an eating disorder, and they most often do not play with Barbies or male figures that resemble themselves (unless you count in robocop but he was only part human).

So, where do they get the idea to say such a thing. Their own experience. TheRobcop look at Barbie and decide she must be bad news because she is so damn thin.

So, to avoid making science a big arena of “I think, therefor there must be something to it” please scientists do me a favor

1) Write down everything you hate

2) Reconsider if you can change your mind about the items on the list

3) If you can’t, stay AWAY from them as scientists and do like me, be angry civilians instead!,M1


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  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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