When Stats come alive.

Writing on my latest thesis, I discovered some very contradicting and strange statistics. Statistics that started a revolution, a mob against a whole generation. Since there was no contradiction, I like many others before me accepted the fact that it just might be true. I am being very vague, mainly because my study is not published yet.

Anyway, these statistics seemed to be missing a component, there had to be something else behind them. Like finding a link between shark attacks and karaoke, the subjects must have at least been on a boat! Everything that seems out of place, is for the most part out of place.

So, like destiny I picked up a copy of Vice, a very non scientific magazine and in that magazine a cultural report was made. Upon reading this report, a light bulb lit up above my head filled with a sense of truth. The article, the text, the facts, they all represented a reality missed by the authors of the scientific article that felt so wrong. Hopefully, by this discovery a piece of a scientific puzzle will be found and I can finally see a picture forming, a picture me and many others are trying to assemble but need to keep reading Vice to remind ourselves that statistics are only numbers and what they mean can be found in the strangest of places.


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