Monthly Archives: March 2009

We can be “slow” together.

I always thought it was a joke when my friend said in high school ; My birth-control pills are making me stupid! I thought she was just being incredibly silly, and more than once, I have heard male friends say that their girlfriends have become more forgetful, not noticeably but that certain cognitive skills seemed […]

Scientists, no more excuses!

So, I don’t consider anyone a real scientist if they haven’t been a test-subject or popularly called “lab rat” at least once in their life. If you do not do it, you are a very bad scientist in my eyes since you don’t gain a very important perspective that will not only give you a […]

Biased Cosmopolitan Woman

Are you biased in you research? Of course you are, as long as you are human you are biased. However, some of the colouration of opinion can be more harmful than others. For example; I would never in my life do research on the effects of fashion magazines on anything. Why? I think they are […]

When Stats come alive.

Writing on my latest thesis, I discovered some very contradicting and strange statistics. Statistics that started a revolution, a mob against a whole generation. Since there was no contradiction, I like many others before me accepted the fact that it just might be true. I am being very vague, mainly because my study is not […]

Global Health

As I sat today on a full train heading home in the crowded capital of Sweden, I noticed the wave of coughing among the passengers. It takes only one to infect us all I started thinking and it hit me, it takes only one to take down a  whole population. Medicine and Epidemiology When look […]