The complaint-gene

Have you ever noticed that some people complain more than others? Or you might have noticed that you complain more than others. For years it has been thought of as a societal construction. And everyone complains at times, due to social invisibilities.

However, there those individuals and groups who seem to find seemingly trivial things to complain about. Things, that in the avarage everyday life is considered to be a constant and not a deviation.

I am starting to suspect that a gene is responsible. But let’s not tell them

a) they’ll have another thing to complain about

b) they can use it as a defense for all eternity.

I will have to do some digging. If you find any links to studies. Please send link in comments.

If we can find enough material, we can start a fund and create antidotes as soon as possible for these poor individuals.

The pharmaceutical companies would make millions from parents with teenagers with the gene, starting early treatment.

And society, well, it might not be affected at all but it would sure be fun to see what new personality traits we could invent once these treated-genes started to interact with the environment. I can’t wait.

(relax, nothing remotley serious, so don’t complain!)


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