Gray’s Anatomy & Grey’s Anatomy

greys1For many people, Grey’s Anatomy is a show about neurotic, sexualy frustrated and confused medical students and their attractive mentors.

I can’t help to laugh every time I am in the library or in a book shop carrying old and new books when there is that one person that utters upon looking at the book-cover “Gray’s Anatomy” the anatomy guide and saying;

Hey, I didn’t know they made a book about the show, wonder if it’s about the new or old seasons”

Sometimes they even pick up the book with glowing enthusiasm hoping to catch a glimpse of what’s going to happen between Meredith and what ever guy is current before any of their mates. And I also witness those same eyes turn to disappointment when after the 30;th page, it is still filled with plane anatomy from the early 1900. . It is just as fun every time.

And how about E.R.? I was actually surprised myself to find that the real life E.R. consists of a lot of waiting, bad coffee and lack of doctors. For every patient coming in with an injury, on average there are two doctors in the scene. In real life, If you manage to find even one to handle the situation you are one lucky bastard. And having 16 car crashes and 18 fires in every shift that you work, is not that common. Real life E.R. might be tough at times, but it is rarely packed with action.

And last but not least Dr House. I know that diagnostics is loads of fun, but the resources he puts on a single patient mounts up to hundred and thousand of dollars. (see numbers for shock value 100.000!) The probing he has ordered would take the whole season in real life. Doing certain endocrine related tests takes several weeks, all in which he manages to solve within one week in the show. And since the bills are often payed by the patients, an MRI, PET, Biopsy and other quite invasive procedures would put that person in debt for the rest of their lives, and his hospital as well!22

House is much like CSI, a try to make reality fun by producing fast results that are scientifically impossible today. If you find 1/4 of a fingerprint, a single fibre and a lousy shot from some mall camera, you rarely catch criminals with that. In real life, the poor forensic department has very little to work with and it takes several weeks to get actual results, not 10 seconds.

I feel like Dr Phil, saying the obvious over and over again. However, it is just my demonstration of how pop culture has taken a step in to science. What was previously reserved as realms for boring and socially isolated individuals fascinated by anatomy (the early fans of the real Grey’s Anatomy), has become a fascination to people who would never have given a thought to what their doctor does after he/she takes of his/hers scrubs.

And ever since Resident Evil and I AM LEGEND, we really know about a bit about genetics….or do we?.

From only knowing shows like Miami Vice and seeing the bad guys being chased down the street, we are now fascinated with the guys who wear glasses in a lab and recite names of biochemicals. And the strange thing is, we actually learn a thing or two.

I am guessing that the tech nerds will be experiencing the same in a few years, so anyone out there looking for a good idea for a show, grab a student at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Royal Technological University) and they can just give you their lecture notes. I bet you can find some fun, futuristic take on technology besides Artificial Intelligence.

For your own copy of Gray’s Anatomy the book, follow online Link


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