Monthly Archives: February 2009

Freud or World of Warcraft?

When trying to get a varied picture of the possible effect on mental health from on-line and off-line gaming, I do not receive much help. As I google (which one often does to have a first look) I use the phrase World of War craft AND Mental Health. In summary, approximate 70% of the articles […]

The complaint-gene

Have you ever noticed that some people complain more than others? Or you might have noticed that you complain more than others. For years it has been thought of as a societal construction. And everyone complains at times, due to social invisibilities. However, there those individuals and groups who seem to find seemingly trivial things […]

Future Unemployed Researchers, class of 2009

Dear class of 2009…… Soon we end our journey as students, some of you already have a future employment waiting after graduation (congratulations I know you will do amazing things you lucky ducks). Some of you (us) have no Idea what will happen next. No matter if you are a student studying Modern Art or […]

Gray’s Anatomy & Grey’s Anatomy

For many people, Grey’s Anatomy is a show about neurotic, sexualy frustrated and confused medical students and their attractive mentors. I can’t help to laugh every time I am in the library or in a book shop carrying old and new books when there is that one person that utters upon looking at the book-cover […]

Ethics at its best!

So, the first and most important rule of conducting any scientific study containing human animals is the informed and voluntary consent, and the permission to abort one’s participation at any given time in the process of the study (unless it is an anonymous questionnaire). What many market-researchers do not seem to grasp is that the […]

Statistics are Made up!!!!

It dawned on me just yesterday. I was given a very funny remark at the point of reciting the world statistics on suicide rates and the remark was ” well, 80% of statistics are made up”. It was funny, and unfortunately true in many cases. When writing a scientific article, facts are checked several times, […]