Monthly Archives: November 2008

Did you find my consciousness yet? I left it right here!

The Certesian doctor is not the only one to separate body and mind in his everyday thinking. Ever since, let’s say Gorg and Morg the cave couple started to carve themselves as ghosts leaving their own body at sleep has man found it easy to separate what we think and feel, from who we are. […]

How long until it is reality

For the good of mankind  As many of my peers, I have fallen for the brilliantly scary game of Resident Evil. Ever since the movies came out, zombies took a step back and the Umbrella Corporation took a step in to the light. They do not just represent a zombie factory, they represent everything that can […]

From toy microscope to Nobel Prize

  When I was a little girl I would observe the world and eagerly investigate with curious eyes. My favorite toys were a fully functioning toy microscope and the pieces of a home-phone I had dissembled myself and had been trying to put together, with repeated electric shocks because I had no idea what I […]

In the name of science

For those of you who know what the demarcation problem stands for, this blog is not dedicated to Karl Popper, even if it is done in the spirit of good science, which is what he stood for most of his scientific career.       For those of you who have a true love of science, […]